With rising sales of Apple products so rises the need for iOS-based apps.

With rising sales of Apple products so rises the need for iOS-based apps. We care about designing our apps just as much as Tim Cook and his team does. We carefully listen to what customer says in order to create the best possible product imaginable. We specialize in Modern programming languages such as Swift. We’re experimenting, implementing new tech like SwiftUI, but we never forget the roots and time-tested methods. You can trust us with any task how ever grueling it is.

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How we work

The process of development begins with your idea.

But no idea can be materialized without a team of skillful developers. The actual development begins with us seeing your idea and starting a brainstorm session of how to help you implement your idea better.

Development only stops once you're happy with the product.



The foundation of an application is one of the most important things in development process. This is why we take a lot of time to analyze other modern apps and consider different variants of design before we get to work. This is a short part of the process but it is still really important. During this part we also consult heavily with the customer in order to produce the best formula for us to work on later.


The main phase itself is not just pure code. It's also design options, logos, slogans, performance etc. during this part we want to make the best version of the app possible, make it running and suitable under your conditions. There's not a lot to talk about here besides technicalities, nevertheless this is the most important part of the process.


Remember happens to apps or games that aren't tested? Well, you can be relieved since it's never going to happen to us. We consider testing just as important as other parts of the production process.

We hunt for bugs, try out new schemes in order to achieve better performance, we try to make everything as user friendly as possible.


After submitting our app to App Store, we regularly check for updates and patiently wait until the team at Apple decides if our app is worthy to be on their store.

Usually this process doesn't require much time and doesn't start new troubles. However if their team found something terrible in our app, we'll surely fix it in no time.


If you think we're done with that masterpiece we sent to the store, you're wrong. Regular updates will be posted in order to keep up with the world and in order to fix some things or change them according to your vision.

The work only stops when you tell us to do it.

Russell Hanson CTO at Workmax

Sergey has done a tremendous amount of work for our company over several years and is very dependable. He is very skilled in mobile native iOS development! He built a complete product for us from the ground up; added features to the product through several versions, and helped maintain the product through several versions. He really felt like he was just part of our engineering team and we treated him as such. I would not hesitate to hire him at all and most likely will hire him again in the near future on other projects.

Max Perelman CEO at Biomeme

It was such a pleasure to work with Sergey and his team. He is on call 24*7 and adheres to every request we made inspite of us deviating from our original product spec. In addition to a strong technical skill set,Sergey also makes real good suggestions on the UI/UX front. I would rehire sergey in a heartbeat and if things go right, I may just hire this guy full time.

Noah Solnick Director of Software Engineering at Babylist

I worked with Sergey for over a year on a project to rebuild our IOS and Android apps. Sergey was excellent as an individual contributor as well as manager of two additional remote devs on the team. We released multiple features on a monthly basis with minimal challenges. Sergey was reliable, communicative, and a pleasure to work with.

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