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We use modern programming languages, such as Swift and Objective-C, and proven technologies and approaches that allow us to easily extend and scale our products.

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Our mobile engineers have enormous knowledge and experience in delivering high-performance, user-friendly, and cost-effective iOS mobile apps that are aimed at solving everyday tasks of businesses and final users.



Healthcare is one of the most important industries, where mobile apps play an important role. Your phone with one of these applications make life so much easier. Not only do these apps help elderly and sick people, they also let any person become fit or follow a healthier lifestyle.

Mobile apps for personal healthcare records, charts and lab test

Reminder mobile apps for managing prescriptions and appointments

Fitness and healthy lifestyle mobile apps for diet


There’s no better place for your marketplace apps than here. We carefully research the need and give you the best response. We are open to any ideas for apps connected with businesses. Crafting an online marketplace might be tough, but not for us.

The service should be accessible to anyone, and it should be easy-going and down-to-earth.

Your payment information as well as any user personal details should be safe.

There’s a lot of market to cover with sales and promotions.


There wouldn’t be so many bright men working here today if it wasn’t for education. That’s why we understand that educational apps are everything in the modern world. We absolutely see the need for these kinds of apps, which is why any app ideas are welcome.

This will make life easier for many young people who struggles with education

Students need applications for browsing books, making timetables, searching for answers.

With a dedicated app it’ll be much simpler to find the information you need.


When creating media streaming apps, we take care of seamless content delivery and work with trustful media processing platforms. Streaming apps require live video sharing (Livestream, Brightcove), in-app payments (PayPal, Stripe).

There are a lot of room for music streaming apps which need proper playlist and recommendations systems.

Quality of life applications for your streams and videos can sometimes be vital.

Streaming might just be the next big thing in the industry, and that always opens up possibilities for apps.

Russell Hanson CTO at Workmax

Sergey has done a tremendous amount of work for our company over several years and is very dependable. He is very skilled in mobile native iOS development! He built a complete product for us from the ground up; added features to the product through several versions, and helped maintain the product through several versions. He really felt like he was just part of our engineering team and we treated him as such. I would not hesitate to hire him at all and most likely will hire him again in the near future on other projects.

Max Perelman CEO at Biomeme

It was such a pleasure to work with Sergey and his team. He is on call 24*7 and adheres to every request we made inspite of us deviating from our original product spec. In addition to a strong technical skill set,Sergey also makes real good suggestions on the UI/UX front. I would rehire sergey in a heartbeat and if things go right, I may just hire this guy full time.

Noah Solnick Director of Software Engineering at Babylist

I worked with Sergey for over a year on a project to rebuild our IOS and Android apps. Sergey was excellent as an individual contributor as well as manager of two additional remote devs on the team. We released multiple features on a monthly basis with minimal challenges. Sergey was reliable, communicative, and a pleasure to work with.

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